Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Integration

Modified on Wed, 21 Feb 2024 at 11:02 AM

The Arthur/QuickBooks integration is very powerful, however there may be situations where certain transactions or contacts may not post from Arthur to QuickBooks or vice versa. During the synchronisation, you will be able to see a log of everything that is being transferred between the two systems and any errors will be displayed on the screen. This log can also be viewed retrospectively from the 'Schedule Synchronise' screen. Information provided by the sync log should go a long way to helping identify the source of the issue however we have provided a list below for all the common reasons that transaction do not sync to Xero.

Account Mappings

Each individual transaction type on Arthur is mapped to a particular nominal account and service line in QuickBooks. If a transaction does not sync, then go to Financials > Go to QuickBooks Online screen > Mapping Accounts. Check that the transaction type which you have attempted to sync has a QuickBooks nominal account and service mapped. If you find the transaction type to be un-mapped then please re-add the transaction after re-mapping to ensure that it syncs across to QuickBooks. Note: Please make sure a Quickbooks item is selected for all tenant transactions that sit on the tenant rent or deposit statement . You can view/add items in QuickBooks within Sales > Products and Services

Arthur Contacts

Transactions may not sync over to QuickBooks due to contacts not being mapped and also because transactions have not been assigned a contact.

Mapping Contacts

To check that contacts have been mapped between Arthur and QuickBooks you would need to go to Financials > Go to QuickBooks Online screen > Mapping Contacts/Tenancies. If a contact is not mapped to its counterpart in QuickBooks then they need to be manually linked together unless it is a completely new contact that has ONLY been added in to Arthur. If it is a new contact then a sync can be run to create the new contact in QuickBooks.

Transactions without a contact

Transactions that do not have a contact assigned, whether it be a tenant or property owner, will not sync from Arthur to QuickBooks. Common reasons for transactions not having a contact include properties that do not have a property owner being remitted. If you find this situation then you will need to void and then re-add the transaction to ensure that it syncs into QuickBooks.

Closing the Books

Closing the books on a QuickBooks account will have the affect of stopping all transactions on or before that date from syncing across from Arthur. Therefore, ensure that you check if you have closed the books as this could be the reason for transactions not syncing across.

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