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Why have you decided to turn off live chat?


As a business, we constantly evaluate and refine our support channels and processes to ensure we deliver the highest quality assistance possible. After analysis of trends over the last few years - both within our business as well as wider software trends - we have concluded that the removal of live chat makes sense for several reasons:


  • Resource allocation
  • Complexity management
  • Escalation processes
  • Reporting and training

 Our new ticketing-based system - used in other areas of our group - provides all the tools we need to provide best-in-class support to our customers. We are confident that this is a positive step forward and will allow clients to track and monitor ongoing tickets as necessary.


How will I get support quickly?

 All support tickets are important, and we endeavour to reply as fast as possible.

During the ticket creation process, we will ask you to fill out several fields to ensure we capture the relevant information. This is to reduce any of the conversational back-and-forth that previously took place on live chat.


As part of this, we will ask questions aimed to provide us with an understanding of the severity of your query, to ensure correct priorisation occurs. This will ensure we reply as quickly as possible to help you with your Arthur needs. 


Is this a reaction to system performance issues?


In short, not at all. We have been busy working behind the scenes on our new tool since the beginning of the year - this decision has been made for a while. 


In reality, if we had our ticketing tool in place over the last couple of months, we would have had enhanced Support functionality to provide bulk-updates to client tickets accordingly, which we could not achieve with the live chat.


What will the new process look like?


Great question! For you, it won’t be much of a change. You will still have access to a widget within the Arthur product, which will allow you to digest support content in various ways. If you still don’t get an answer to your query, you will be able to create a ticket once redirected from the widget. Depending on the type of support needed, you will be asked to provide relevant information to prevent any back-and-forth with our team.


We have also migrated our knowledgebase articles to the new portal, where you can log in and view your support tickets and request updates as needed. For more information, please review the guide here.



Can I still email you directly?


As part of this new process, we are moving away from personal emails, instead favouring ticket-based support. This does mean that we will not be accepting queries into personal inboxes. 


Once a ticket is raised, it will be assigned to one of our team who will ultimately be responsible and accountable for the completion of the query. Internally, we have lines of escalation where relevant to ensure we provide support against desired service levels. You will have the ability to log in to the client portal and view your ticket(s), and request an update where required.


How can I trust that my issue will be resolved effectively through this new system?


We firmly believe that ticket-based support will ensure a smooth resolution of issues/queries. It provides:

  • Structured communication

Customer enquiries are all logged as tickets. Our team can gather detailed information about issues, track progress and retain a complete history of interactions. Chat-based support can sometimes result in fragmented and incomplete conversations, making it difficult to track issues and maintain continuity.

  • A better structure for complex issues

In-depth analysis and explanation is needed for complex problems; sometimes this involves collaboration among support agents. Tickets can be assigned to specialised teams or individuals with the best expertise.

  • Resource allocation

Ticket-based support allows our team to manage multiple enquiries by prioritising and scheduling workload accordingly. If your issue is of high priority, this is flagged to our team and scheduled accordingly.

  • Documentation and knowledge management

As all tickets are recorded within the ticketing system, we will build a repository of information that will be leveraged for future training, reference and improvement of support processes. In contrast, our chat-based support lacked this offering, meaning we were losing key information from clients.


Arthur financials is very complicated. How will a ticketing system create a better customer service for urgent blockers?


We understand that Arthur Financials queries come with an element of time-sensitivity. For this reason, we are building robust ticket-creation flows to ensure:

  1. We capture all information needed
  2. We prevent needless back-and-forth
  3. We gain an understanding of severity and urgency


For urgent blockers, our team will endeavour to triage the ticket and respond using similar first-response times as live chat.


 How quickly will we get responses to our queries? Will I have to wait longer for a response now?


We are aware that our live chat offering did not quite provide ‘live’ chats at times. With our new process, we will be:

  • Capturing information on the severity during ticket creation
  • Triaging all inbound tickets and prioritising accordingly


With the above, we are aiming to provide an initial first response on the most urgent tickets as quickly as possible, mimicking similar times as you have been experiencing on the live chat. 


We are setting internal SLAs to strive towards, and will continue to monitor the response times of our team to ensure we provide the best possible service to all customers.


What if my issue is urgent and can't wait for a ticket response and requires quick support?


If you are experiencing a problem with the Arthur software and require assistance from our support team, please raise a ticket with the team and indicate the severity. We will triage the issue accordingly and get back to you as quickly as possible.



I'm not familiar with this ticketing system will you be providing training?


The new process will have some similarities to how you’ve previously interacted with us within the Arthur software. You can continue to reach Support via the widget.


If you’d prefer to visit our dedicated support portal, you will be able to raise a ticket there once logged in. Please click here for more information.


One main difference that you will experience is that we are no longer supporting clients through email chains with various staff members in CC. This is to ensure accountability and transparency.


 When exactly does the live chat retire?

Live chat is due to retire from 13th May 2024.


Is there an overlap period between live chat and ticketing system?


We will not be offering an overlap period. This is to avoid uncertainty - both for clients and our staff - over what is a ‘chat’ and what is a ‘ticket’.


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