Earn revenue with our easy to use connection with Homeshift, an energy provider

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This article explains:

  1. Who is Homeshift
  2. What is the available revenue
  3. How to build the webhook
  4. What data do they receive from Arthur - Ensure required fields highlighted are provided
  5. When are tenants contacted
  6. How to build the approval email or add their suggested paragraph to your approval email
  7. What happens after the webhook has gone off for the first time (How to set up Homeshift account)
  8. When are tenants contacted by Homeshift
  9. What happens at the end of the tenancy

Please check out their website: https://www.homeshift.com/Arthur bears no responsibility for their service but we welcome feedback from our clients.


1. Who is Homeshift (in their own words)

Homeshift is a platform for consumers to set up and manage their household utilities and services from one place online, including choosing services, managing communication with suppliers and paying for services. Homeshift is already helping thousands of customers and works closely with hundreds of property groups across the UK.

What do customers experience? 

Homeshift offers consumers the ability to set up and manage their key household services across electricity, gas, council tax, water, internet, and other services from one place through our home dashboard. Consumers are invited to set up their home services online in a few minutes saving themselves time, money and effort.  Consumers are also able to speak to a dedicated concierge team that can set up home services for them over the phone or via live chat in minutes.

Services they offer? 

Homeshift offers three core revenue-generating services, electricity, gas, and internet (water & council tax being nonrevenue generating services). These services are offered to consumers directly as ‘Homeshift Services’ with customers being able to bundle their electricity, gas, and internet together on their Homeshift dashboard. Services across energy and the internet are competitively priced. We constantly source cheaper energy and internet prices and pass savings onto consumers year after year.


Our product has been rigorously tested against all current and future FCA, OFGEM, OFCOM requirements. With a heightened focus on consent for all businesses, we are pleased to confirm that we are GDPR compliant. Under GDPR you are permitted to pass on data under a legitimate business interest. Updating suppliers of new tenants ensures that the landlord is not liable, which is a legitimate business interest. We seek consent when the customer is sent an email by automatically asking them to agree if they'd like to sign up, which is GDPR compliant  

2. What is the revenue available to managers

  1. Electricity introductory fee £15.00 per tenancy
  2. Gas Introductory fee £15.00 per tenancy
  3. Internet introductory fee £15.00 per tenancy
  4. Void periods for gas and electrics covered for 28 days if Homeshift are the chosen supplier

There is a login area for managers to track payments.  

3. How to build a webhook

Go to prefrences>automated events>approved tenancy>add action


Add an action Add the webhook URL:  https://iqndlphhw1.execute-api.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/default/homeshift_create_lead


View created action


When you come to approve the tenancy the option to send to Homeshift will be available.


  On the mobile app.


4. What data is sent from Arthur to Homeshift

  Please note for the webhook to work there are required fields highlighted. Without which the webhook will not fire

  1. Tenant Salutation
  2. Tenant First name - Required
  3. Tenant Last name - Required
  4. Tenant Mobile No - Required
  5. Unit ref - Required
  6. Address line 1 - Required
  7. City - Required
  8. Postcode-Required
  9. Tenancy start date - Required
  10. Your Arthur account ID
  11. Your Arthur account name
  12. Your Arthur account administrator's name
  13. Main admin Arthur email ** To be used when creating an account with Homeshift in order to link accounts
  14. Date webhook sent

In order to be GDPR compliant, you will need to update your privacy policy to include that customers’ data will be shared with Homeshift.  

5. Suggested email to be included in your approved tenancy email

"We have partnered with Homeshift who will contact you directly to help you set up your energy and internet as well as help you set up and pay for your Water and Council Tax bills. That means you can manage all your home bills from one place online, giving you better visibility of your spending. If you are sharing bills they will even help you split your bill costs between multiple occupants. This service is designed to help you with your move-in and help reduce some of the stress of moving homes. You will hear from Homeshift when your tenancy starts To build this email go to settings>automated events>approved tenancy>add action. 

This is linked to the article adding actions.


6. What happens after the webhook has gone out for the first time

Once the first webhook has been sent off, Homeshift will create an account for you. Now click on this Homeshift link to request your demo.  

**Ensure within the quick online form you enter the recipient's email address below, otherwise, the account created won't link.


  An email will be sent back to you to activate your account.  


  Complete the form with your password.  


  Created account. Once the tenants are on board they will be listed here with their purchases.


8. When are tenants contacted by Homeshift

Tenants are contacted (via email and text) on the tenancy start date as this has the highest conversion of services being taken up.  

7. What happens at the end of the tenancy

Homeshift will take care of everything. They do not need any information from Arthur at this point. Any voids are covered by Homeshift for 28 days (see their terms and conditions).

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